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A place where bright ideas are born and imaginations run wild. Where light and sound collide to spark innovation and ignite the human spirit. We raise the bar, set the standard, and lead the world by creating uniquely themed experiences that tell stories, bring awareness, educate, and inspire. Built by dream shapers and magic makers, World of Illumination is a place where memories are made, moments are shared, and the brightest light comes from within.

Imagine What
They'll Remember

Over 4 million people have experienced World of Illumination's magic. Each one of our uniquely themed drive-through light shows is a storybook adventure filled with the kind of awe and wonder that kids of all ages will remember forever. These lasting memories are what keep our team of creators motivated to imagine new and unforgettable moments for our guests to enjoy.

The ultimate holiday road trip

Pack the car and buckle up for the ride of your life. Crank up the volume on your car stereo and get down to your favorite music synced to millions of lights. Each of our uniquely themed drive-through shows is a one mile journey filled with hundreds of sparkling, animated light installations that will elevate your holiday tradition to a whole new level!

Hundreds of themed displays
MillionS OF
Animated Lights
musical experience

A Revolving Tradition


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We’re visionaries and artists, telling stories through our dynamic and innovative use of light and sound.

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We did this over the holidays 2020 = it was amazing and so worth the cost - all of the entire family enjoyed it - especially a senior parent - who at the time was basically not allowed out of their house for months - she really enjoyed the music and all the lights  Thank you for all that you did over the past holiday 2020 and hoping for bigger and better things for 2021

This is so much fun. It was our second year going. The kids adore it and it's just fun to watch the lights go with the music. We were singing along to the songs and dancing. The baby was mesmerized. It was a long line to get in but they were very organized and we didn't wait that long. Maybe 20mins tops. Very well executed. Will be back next year.

We had a great time as a family watching the lights match up to the music. The music was good old classics and newer pop songs. I have teenagers and we were laughing and singing along together (a rarity with this age group). It will be a treasured memory and an added tradition.